How to Whitelist IP Address with ModSecurity

If your business has a website, you may be familiar with the mod_security module for Apache Web servers. If you are new to ModSecurity, start by reading our comprehensive article: What is ModSecurity. Occasionally, you might need to bypass the module filters to accommodate a testing environment or to allow access for a particular IP address, such as for a developer working at home. Whitelisting is a straightforward task that you can accomplish with a simple text editor.


Browse to your “modsecurity.conf” file and add one on below rules. Note that this method only works on servers where you have access root permission to the core server files.

Contains syntax

SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "@contains" "id:1,phase:1,nolog,allow,ctl:ruleEngine=Off"

Regular expression syntax

SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "^127\.xxx\.xxx\.1$" "id:1,phase:1,nolog,allow,ctl:ruleEngine=Off"

With the above rule in place, no mod_security rules will be checked for your IP address.

If you are under a load Balancer use:

SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:X-Forwarded-For "@Contains" phase:1,nolog,allow,pass,ctl:ruleEngine=off,id:1

Whitelist network with ipMatch

SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "@ipMatch" "id:1,phase:1,nolog,allow,ctl:ruleEngine=Off"

What is my IP-Address ?

Make sure to replace the IP address numbers ( with your own IP address. You can enter “what is my IP” on Google if you’re unsure.

Final words

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