PHP Malware Signatures to ClamAV


Malware Signatures from malware expert help improve the detection rate of malware from PHP files. Our malware signatures are generated for real life PHP malware from live Web Hosting Servers and now you can use them for FREE! under the GNU GPLv2 license.

Install Signatures ClamAV

You can add malware expert ClamAV signatures to freshclam.conf file:


or direct download:

ClamAV malware signatures is a Generic Hex pattern PHP malware, which can cause false positive alarms, because there are generic eval, base64 and other hex pattern signatures (very low false positive rate). We want to scan all .php files and check the false positives manually for malware. If some signature causes to you problems, you can whitelist them. is statics MD5 pattern for files, and there are no false positive. is LDB signatures(read more), which use multi-words search for malware in files. is whitelisted, what we found is that cause false positive malware.


Send Sample

If our signatures don’t detect malware, you can send a sample to us, so we can add them to the our database.

Samples can also be directly emailed to: samples ( at )

Or send us a link to the sample, so we can download it.

Whitelist specific signature

Create a file called local.ign2 or whitelist.ign2 in your ClamAV db directory. Add the signature names that you want whitelisted one per line at a time.



Whitelist files

Use the same name as the database in which the detection signatures exist. So if all signatures are in

The whitelisting file should be by the name and have this line (hash: size: random name) in the same dir as


Despite a BAD signature existing in the it will just IGNORE it

Example postive hit

Here example malware detects with ClamAV and malware expert signatures:

Clamav Signatures

ClamAV Signatures