How to Whitelist IP Address with ModSecurity


If your business has a website, you may be familiar with the mod_security module for Apache Web servers. If you are new to ModSecurity, start by reading our comprehensive article: What is ModSecurity. Occasionally, you might need to bypass the module filters to accommodate a testing environment or to allow access for a particular IP … Read more

How to block Majestic (MJ12bot) with mod_security


Internet have lots of unwanted traffic, which causes high load on your dedicated or virtual private server. Traffic can be from bot networks, A Web crawler or normal web traffic different sources. This tutorial we show how you can block Majestic search engine access to your server with modsecurity. What is MJ12bot? Majestic is a … Read more

ModSecurity Examples – Writing ModSecurity rules


In this article, we will go over the basics of ModSecurity rule writing and also provide ModSecurity rule examples. In case you are new to ModSecurity, we also have an informative article: What is ModSecurity and why do we need it? ModSecurity Rule Writing The ModSecurity Reference Manual should be consulted in any cases where … Read more