Malware plugin’s to WordPress (woocomerce & aksimet)

Malware Signature Updates

When WordPress website user account compromised, there is possibility upload plugins. We have seen new malware plugins for WordPress which are named with woocomerce and aksimet. These plugins not have anything doing with real plugins, which are woocommerce and akismet. Both of these plugins use WordPress add_action(‘init’,”) function to activate itself and ready take commands … Read more

styles.php malware

Malware details

Again, we found interesting malware (styles.php), which try to add more backdoor files to the web server. This file is just copied from the original file: load-styles.php. If you look fast this file, it’s look normal PHP file, but there is a modification of the begin (comments not finished line 6): It self hidden malware … Read more

WordPress Hidden Include

Malware details

Today we found undetected malware, which keep it hidden and try loading again if it deleted. We generated Signatures to Detect these hidden includes: /index.php: {HEX}Malware.Expert.wordpress.hidden.include.0.UNOFFICIAL FOUND /wp-load.php: {HEX}Malware.Expert.wordpress.hidden.include.1.UNOFFICIAL FOUND /wp-includes/template.php: {HEX} FOUND /wp-includes/Requests/IPconfig.ini: {HEX}Malware.Expert.generic.malware.39.UNOFFICIAL FOUND /wp-includes/js/utilities.js: {HEX}Malware.Expert.generic.malware.39.UNOFFICIAL FOUND WordPress index.php wp-load.php End of file: template.php IPconfig.ini Remove file utilities.js Remove file Final Words Use … Read more

Phoenix WebShell

Phoenix WebShell

New web shell (PHOENIX SHELL), what we have not seen this this before. This is typical webshell, except there are a lot of extra features: Upload Command Execute Mass Deface cPanel crack CGI Telnet WordPress auto Deface Fake root Etc … In the action Final words Use Malware Expert – Signatures detect this Web shell … Read more

bunglon m1n1 sHeLL

Malware details

Again new web shell (bunglon m1n1 sHeLL), what we have not seen this and signatures don’t detect this before. To beginning of file are introduced php shell maker. /* # bunglon m1n1 sHeLL # version 1.0 # Jayalah indonesiaku # thx to : sohai, budz story zz, b374k, 1n73ct10n, HNc, Dc & all member indoxploit … Read more

WordPress hidden cookie (wp_cookie)

Malware details

We found very old and hidden WordPress cookie, which named wp_cookie. This allows an attacker to run anything on the compromised user website with user permissions. wp_cookie This is a very clever attack method that allows arbitrary commands to run on a server with ignoring any server security software, just like normal PHP code. Also, … Read more

case.php malware

This case.php malware uses Obfuscation PHP code. Decoding Obfuscation There is tools to Decoding ObfuscatePHP code: ,but they don’t always work as except. That’s why we decrypted this manually. Source case.php Again, this malware tries load more backdoor files to the server to get full control. plug.php FilesMan Shell FilesMan Shell crypted … Read more

WordPress backdoor cache.php

Today we found cache.php malware, which uses server old backdoor to get more malware to the server. The server is compromised before and it uses hidden file Silence is golden – Malware to POST Payload more data to the server. POST Payload – cache.php If we look better POST Payload, which trying upload cache.php, execute … Read more