The 7 Popular Blacklists To Keep Away Spam Emails

IPs or domains that cause threat to your inboxes will be listed by the blacklists. If you are on a blacklist you should not keep quite you must act quickly. There are several email blacklists which tries to impress you with a long list, which might not be good tool. So, here is a list of good blacklists tool that we suggest for your inbox.

1. Spamhaus Block List (SBL)

  • RBL list:
  • IP addresses of spam sources are available as a real time data base
  • Spam traps are also included to catch the IP address of fake users.
  • If your server IP is caught on the spam trap it will be listed.
  • For removal purpose the Spamhaus Blocklist Removal Center can be accessed.

2. Spamcop

  • RBL list:
  • It is a service that reports spam messages
  • Reputation score is generated using the reports and sources
  • Unsolicited bulk and commercial mail receivers are allowed to report the IP address
  • In spamcop there is no manual removal process, they will automatically remove your
    IP when the spam source is stopped.

3. Barracuda

  • RBL list:
  • This is a very popular blacklist resources
  • Reports stated that it is highly accurate
  •  Barracuda blacklist is free to use but it is asked to register your IP address.
  • Removal process is very easy, you just fill up their removal request.

4. XBL Exploits Block List (XBL)

  • RBL list:
  • It lists hijacked IP addresses of a third party exploits like HTTP,SOCKS etc.
  • XBL contain the worst host on internet
  •  Manual delisting requests are accepted
  •  Spamhaus Blocklist Removal Center can be used for removal purpose and is very
    easy too.

5. Composite Blocking List(CBL)

  • RBL list:
  • IPs that shows malicious behavior are blacklisted by CBL and is maintained by
  • CBL act as a scoring based blacklist and immediate block blacklist.
  • CBL is a domain based blacklist.
  • Removal process is very simple, only a request is needed to be submitted.

6. Passive Spam Block List (PSBL)

  • RBL list:
  • PSBL is new to DNSBL and is IP address based.
  • PSBL listing criteria uses spamtraps and honeypots.
  • PSBL is an easy-on, easy-off blacklist
  • Removal process is easy you just wanted to submit your IP to the removal request

7. Return Path Reputation Network Blacklist (RNBL)

  • RBL list:
  • RNBL is also based on scoring system which are used by email service providers,
    marketing service providers etc.
  • RNBL is based on IP address.
  •  Scoring done based on volume data, spam traps and complaint sources.
  •  When cause of listing is resolved IP address is automatically resolved.

Final words

There are many more RBLs which you can use and integrate into your email server to reduce incoming spam emails. The listed RBLs in this articles are few of them but most trusted and can bring in the best results. If you ever notice that emails are bouncing from your server because your server’s IP address is listed in any RBL, do not think twice but check your server’s reputation. You can use some tools like mxtoolbox to check your email IP address reputation. Our product of RBL based reputation database prevents website hacking, DDOS and brute force attacks with ModSecurity rules.

You can also take a look into cPGuard, which is a well known and trusted security suite for cPanel servers. It has integrated file scanner, brute-force protection, IP/Domain reputation checks, WAF, etc. cPGuard also has sRBL which has intelligent RBL check and decision-making engine and it can be enabled in Exim with a click. sRBL can eliminate a large number of incoming Spam emails and produces close to Zero false positives.

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