How to Install SSL Certificate in Magento 2?

Introduction Enabling an SSL Certificate in Magento stores secures customer data during transactions. This guide covers installing an SSL certificate in Magento and enhancing site security. If manual installation seems complex, Magento hosting services can assist with the setup. Managed hosting is recommended for Magento stores as experts handle server security and provide round-the-clock support. … Read more

Understanding the Linux chattr Command: A Comprehensive Guide


Introduction This guide introduces you to the chattr command in Linux. While many Linux users know about file permissions, few discuss the additional control attributes offer. You can manipulate these attributes using the chattr command. What is chattr? The chattr command allows you to change file attributes on a Linux file system. These attributes can … Read more

cPGuard Web Security Suite: Now Fully Integrated with Interworx Control Panel


Introduction We are thrilled to announce that cPGuard Web Security Suite 2 and cPGuard Lite 1 are now fully integrated with the Interworx control panel! This development elevates server security, offering a plethora of features right from automated malware scanning to a user-friendly dashboard. Let’s delve into why choosing cPGuard to safeguard your websites is … Read more

ModSecurity: Request body no files data length is larger than the configured limit (1048576)

ModSecurity: Request body no files data length is larger than the configured limit

ModSecurity, an open-source web application firewall (WAF), provides valuable tools to defend web applications from a myriad of online threats. However, as is common with any complex tool, problems can sometimes arise. One such issue relates to the request body size, which can trigger an error if the data length exceeds the configured limit. The … Read more

Critical Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Essential Addons for Elementor Plugin Affecting Over One Million Sites

Introduction A severe vulnerability has been detected in Essential Addons for Elementor (from 5.4.0 through 5.7.1), a WordPress plugin with over one million active installations. This flaw was patched on May 11, 2023, but due to its severity, we believe it’s essential to raise awareness and ensure all affected users have applied the patch. Details … Read more

Vulnerability fixed in WordPress Elementor Pro plugin – How cPGuard handles it

The vulnerability – High severity vulnerability fixed in WordPress Elementor Pro plugin As many of you are aware already, there is a critical vulnerability reported in the WordPress Elementor Pro plugin, which is installed on millions of websites. Though they have already released a patched version already, there are still many websites left unpatched, and … Read more

What are .ENV files?

what is .ENV files

Two fundamental components of any computer programming language are variables and constants. Like independent variables in a mathematical equation, these take on values that change the results of the program. Variables and constants both represent unique memory locations containing data the program uses in its calculations. The difference between the two is that variable values … Read more


ipset with iptables

IPSET is an extension to iptables that allows you to create firewall rules that match entire “sets” of addresses at once. Unlike normal iptables chains, which are stored and traversed linearly, IP sets are stored in indexed data structures, like addresses, networks, (TCP/UDP) port numbers, MAC addresses, interface names or combinations of them in a … Read more

Postfix – Configuration Tips to Fight Spam

Postfix Configuration Tips to Fight Spam

In this guide you will learn how to tweak the default postfix configuration for incoming emails. In Postfix configuration you need to add or edit following directives on /etc/postfix/ configuration file. All configuration directives are explained in the postfix website. Postfix Configuration Parameters smtpd_helo_required = yes Require that a remote SMTP client introduces itself with … Read more