Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I install Malware Expert rules and Comodo rule set same time ?
A: You can only use Malware.Expert rules or Comodo rules, but not same time both!

Q: Can i download the rules locally and explore them ?
A: It’s not possible! We protect our property and do not allow downloading the rules locally. If someone tries to download the rules and copy, distribute or otherwise share them, we challenge the parties concerned with legal action. Our rules only allowed to use in “server” memory, so there is not option to download rules to local disk.

Q: Your rules and updates looks limited, how it compares to OSEC, Atomicorp or even Comodo ones?
A: Our general rules aren’t needing updates, you get full protection of live attacks. (Optimized shared hosting, specially WordPress, Joomla and normal CMS systems). If our general rules cannot protect some vulnerability, then we need make patch for that vulnerability.

I have difficulty compared our rules to competitors, because I’ll never use them in real webhosting environments. But what i can say that we have “big” customers, which have’s over hundreds of servers in shared hosting and they changed from AtomicCorp and Comodo Rules for us.

Q: What is the rate (time) of updating the rule base? zero hour, daily, weekly?
A: Depend what we need release. Our core rules cover 99% attacks, so we dont need add rules daily or even weekly. Here information our releases.

Q. Do your rules work with Litespeed?
A: Yes, our rules work with LiteSpeed, Nginx, Apache and other web servers, which support ModSecurity and SecRemoteRules.

Q. Do your rules work on cPanel servers?
A: Yes, our rules work on Cpanel, Directadmin, Plesk and other Control Panel web servers, which supports ModSecurity and SecRemoteRules.

Q. You provide all your rules in during 3 months trial?
A: Yes

Q. Can I use your rules to protect my WordPress blog?
A: Depends whether you are web server owner or administrator. If you are using shared web hosting then you need to ask the service provider to buy our rules and install them on the server.

Q. What applications does commercial rules cover?
A: There is general rules, which cover all applications with these attacks:

  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • Local File Include
  • Remote File Include
  • File upload vulnerabilities

Then there is special rules for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

Q. What is the response time to the discovery of a new vulnerability, that is, the time between the discovery of the vulnerability until the launch of a virtual patch is available in the database?

A: When we get information or sample details of attacks, we typically add same day patch to vulnerability.