common.php (Object Injection Vulnerability in Backup & Restore Dropbox)

WordPress plugin Backup & Restore Dropbox have PHP Object Injection Vulnerability. It’s allow remote download malware to the server. This vulnerability founded by and published it. We found that vulnerability try malware download common.php malware to server via FTP Protocol. Real Post Payload First file_get_contents download common.php malware and file_put_contents write it to server. … Read more


WordPress Vulnerability in Cherry Plugin – Arbitrary File Upload The Vulnerability allow an attacker to upload all types of files without administrator login. /wp-content/plugins/cherry-plugin/admin/import-export/upload.php This is fixed latest version of Cherry Plugin, but all customers won’t update their website and files. Interesting comes heres, botnetwork search this old vulnerability and if found they upload malware … Read more


If we look inside this PHP script (only a small part of the code): Execute wp.php If we run this, we found PHP Command shell WSO 2.5 (backdoor) this file: Detect this malware Malware Expert – Signatures found this malware from php code, if you want use our signatures for free.


The b374k shell is a popular PHP-based web shell that is used by attackers to gain unauthorized access and control over web servers. Like many web shells, it provides a range of functionalities that allow attackers to interact with the compromised server. b374k shell key features Here are some key characteristics and features of the … Read more

Free Online PHP Obfuscator

Free Online PHP Obfuscator is designed to help PHP developers protect their intellectual property. Any time you give your PHP source code to someone else your intellectual property can be used and altered without your permission. It’s not one-way encryption but it will keep curious eyes away from your code. These tryed again upload to … Read more


PHP backdoors are server-side malicious scripts. The typical examples of such backdoors are various File Managers, Web Shells, Command Shells, tools for bypassing admin login, or various one-purpose scripts allowing the attacker to upload and run another type of malicious scripts. The payload is PHP-based, thus intended for server-side use and the payload is executed … Read more