scan malware cpanel server

Learn how to scan and protect your cPanel server for Malware and Viruses. To protect your server from viruses and malware, or if you believe there are scripts on your server already we recommend doing the following.


– Maldet (Linux Malware Detect)
– Clamav (Clam AntiVirus)

Install ClamAv

How To install Clamav

Install Maldet

How To install Maldet


Use External Malware Signatures to get a better catch ratio:

Malware Expert – ClamAv Signatures

Running a malware scan

Now, when you run a Maldet scan, you’ll have the best of both worlds (think of it as ClamAV and Linux Malware Detect teaming up). Say you wanted to run a malware scan of /home/customer/public_html, you could do so with:

Full scan

# maldet --scan-all /home?/?/public_html

Only PHP Files

# maldet --include-regex ".*.php$" -a /home?/?/public_html