Deploying ModSecurity Rule Set in cPanel/WHM

Malware Expert ModSecurity protection rules are now integrated ModSecurity Vendors in cPanel/WHM and can be activated from the cPanel / WHM Security Center.

Copy vendor configuration URL in image. (Ex. right click, Copy Url)

Malware.Expert -> My Account -> Subscriptions


Sign in to your cPanel account

Login to your cPanel/WHM server.

Click the ‘Security Center‘ tab from the left menu, then ‘ModSecurity™ Vendors

ModSecurity Vendors

Click ‘Add Vendor‘ in the ‘ModSecurity™ Vendors‘ screen.

Add Vendor

In the ‘Add Vendor‘ page, enter just copied URL from Malware.Expert Subscription page

Add Vendor

in the ‘Vendor Configuration URL‘ field and click ‘Load

Vendor details

The vendor details will be fetched and automatically filled in the fields.

Vendor name

Click the ‘Save‘ button.

ModSecurity rules installed

Malware.Expert - ModSecurity Vendors

Verify ModSecurity Configuration Setting

ModSecurity configuration cPanel

Make sure that Rules Engine is set: Process the rules.

That’s it’s

Malware.Expert ModSecurity Rules set is now installed and activated in cPanel/WHM.

Testing rules

You can test that rules load to server ‘How check rules loaded and working‘ from Support Center article.