Defending Cyber Attacks: Strengthening Your Server Security


In today’s interconnected digital world, the significance of server security cannot be underestimated. As cyber threats continue to rise, businesses are at risk of significant consequences if their servers are compromised. The potential outcomes include financial losses, damage to reputation, and penalties from regulatory bodies. These consequences emphasize the criticality of prioritizing server security and implementing thorough protective measures to safeguard valuable assets and maintain business continuity.

Common Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks targeting servers pose significant risks to businesses, with devastating consequences that can disrupt operations and compromise sensitive data.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

One common form of attack is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), where a network of compromised computers floods the targeted server with an overwhelming volume of traffic, rendering it inaccessible to legitimate users. These attacks can result in prolonged downtime, financial losses, and damage to the organization’s reputation.

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Use of Zip and Unzip command in Linux


What is Zip ? Zip is a file format that helps to compress one or more files together into a single location. As an archiving tool, zip is used for backup files as well as for transferring the files between servers. The zip file format supports the lossless compression algorithm. In this article, we are discussing … Read more

Danger behind using older php versions?

Danger behind using older php versions

PHP ( PHP Hypertext Processor ) commonly used programming language for creating websites. Over 78% of all the websites are using PHP, ie. 8 out of 10 websites are PHP websites. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other CMSs are using PHP as the programming language. The latest PHP version 7.4.9 was released on “06 Aug … Read more

Security is a false feeling


Server security is a highly concerned nowadays by website owners and server owners. And lots of companies providing hardening services at a high cost. While considering the server security or security of your site, don’t confuse true security with a false sense of security. In this article, I am mentioning some of the misconceptions or … Read more

Security Tips for SSH service


Ssh is the main tool/service used by a system administrator for doing the troubleshooting and other admin related tasks. If we have ssh root access, we can do anything on the server. So in order to keep the server secure, we need to follow some security practices related to ssh service. Since it is a … Read more