Delegate subdomain cloudflare to other DNS servers

There are many examples where you may need to have a specific subdomain’s DNS be managed by a different nameserver.

The example we want delegate another Bind DNS server for RBL database queries.

First we need Primary Domain ( add new NS Records

CloudFlare DNS NS-Record

Then we need also A-Record to point BIND-DNS server IP

CloudFlare DNS A-Record


The last part is configuring BIND Server, so we need to add there zone. Here example for that:

$TTL  86400
@           IN          SOA (
                            28800   ; Refresh 8 hours
                            7200    ; Retry   2 hours
                            1209600 ; Expire  14 days
                            86400 ) ; Minimum 1 day
                ; sub-domain name servers
                IN          NS

                ; sub-domain mail server
                IN          MX      10


; Hosts
localhost    600 IN          A