Add RBL list to cPanel server

This tutorial we show how you can use the RBLs interface to configure your mail server to check incoming mail against the available RBLs. Your server will block the incoming messages if the IP address or hostname matches an cPanel RBL entry.

RBL is short for “Real-time Blackhole List.” RBL servers keep lists of spam-heavy IP addresses and hostnames so that you can easily block them. The WHM interface accesses two RBLs: and by default.

Configure cPanel RBL

Home >> Service Configuration >> Exim Configuration Editor >> RBLs

Exim Configuration Manager

Manage custom RBLs >> [MANAGE] (press MANAGE Button)

Manage Custom RBLs

Then we add SRBL blacklist database, which is dynamic email block list. Also there is no restriction to usage, so you can use same LIST all your email servers.

Rbl Name: srbl
Rbl info Url:
Dns List:

Then press ADD Button and you see below message:

Manage Custom RBLs - Add

Final we need rebuild exim configuration, so you need press SAVE button:

Exim Configuration Manager - Save

And exim configuration is reconfigured with cPanel RBLs lists:

Exim Configuration Manager - Saved


This is most effective way reduce server load and spam, before they reached your clients email boxes.