Sanesecurity start distribute Malware.Expert malware signatures


Today we are very happy new distribution channel. Sanesecurity started sharing our Malware signatures via their distribution channels worldwide to new servers.

Sanesecurity signatures

Sanesecurity produces add-ons signatures to help improve the ClamAV detection rate on Zero-Day malware and even on Zero-Hour malware.

Also add-on signatures provide enhanced email security against the following email types:
Macro malware, Phishing, Zip malware, Rar malware, 7z malware, Javascript malware, Spear phishing, Fake lottery, fake dating scams, and other general spams.

Improve ClamAV detection rate

Since 2006, SaneSecurity have provide hourly updated ClamAV signatures to the web community that are of professional quality and help improve ClamAV detection rate, especially on word/Excel Macro malware and other Zip/Rar/7z/Gzip archive malware.

Other Third Party ClamAV signatures

They also distribute other Third Party signatures such as Winnow, Bofhland, porcupine and ScamNailer. All these signatures help improve ClamAV detection rate and help keep you malware free.

ClamAV signatures can also help prevent TeslaCrypt, Cryptowall, Cryptolocker and other ransomware, who’s source usually starts as a malicious email.

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