Customer Reviews – ModSecurity rules

Read more success stories with Malware.Expert from these trusted sources. The good buzz from our happy customers is making our ears ring and we just had to share.


Huge fan of your products, the ModSecurity filters are amazing and really helpful against common and 0-day attacks, I also find the ClamAV signatures super useful for scanning, identifying and cleaning already infected files. Thanks!

Lennart Hanen – Technical Director / Clydewire


It is working very well especially with the wordpress/joomla websites on the webhosting servers. It has helped to reduce number of compromised website incident and reduced abuse complains.


As a major UK web hosting company, we’re responsible for ensuring website security for thousands of businesses, individuals and hosting resellers. We take that responsibility seriously, so that’s why we use Malware Expert rules in our web application firewall. They help us block millions of evil requests, every single day.

Our partnership with Malware Expert is vital to protecting our customers and ensuring a safer web for all.

Lloyd –


As a leader on French’s webhosting market, we need to provide security and availability to our customers. We’re using’s rules to deal with a complementary mod_security WAF.

These rules are reliables, and can deals with many script’s attacks, like WordPress or Jooomla hack’s attempts. Using is a perfect way to have focusses security’s rules.

Alexander –


Everything is ok with the rules and we actually deployed those on
every VPS solution we have. The clients are happy and there are no
false positives or at least we have received 0 complaints.



Security is a very important issue and WebTuga takes it very seriously. So far, since it has been operating, WebTuga has never been affected by any major security issues.

With Malware Expert we have improved the security and reliability of our Web Application Firewall (WAF) by implementing its ModSecurity rule sets.

So far we are very satisfied with the results and we have already managed to block millions of attacks attempts.

DreamFusion, LDA (Webtuga)


We tested the rules for the past 24 hours on one of our shared web
hosting servers and the rules are pretty much malware killer.

Christopher Wills