Editorial Guidelines

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to educate and assist server administrators and IT professionals in understanding and defending against malware attacks. 

We aim to provide informative content and coding examples on our site that are practical, actionable, and relevant to the latest cyber security threats and trends.

Why Trust Us

Malware.expert has provided cyber security services for various international hosting companies since 2007. We have helped to secure thousands of servers and hundreds of thousands of websites (WordPress, Joomla & others).

As one of the industry leaders, we actively collect the latest malware signatures and malicious code examples to provide services in combating malware. You can also help us with this, by providing us with samples.

All articles on our site are conducted by experts in the cyber security industry and then fact-checked and formatted by a senior editor before publishing. We never publish sponsored content or provide guest blogging opportunities of a commercial nature.

Ethical Considerations

Any malware code examples are solely provided for educational purposes. We NEVER provide step-by-step instructions for deploying or using malware. Where possible, code examples are always obfuscated or sanitized to make them less usable for malicious purposes.

By adhering to these editorial guidelines, we can maintain the integrity and educational value of our content.