styles.php malware

Malware details

Again, we found interesting malware (styles.php), which try to add more backdoor files to the web server. This file is just copied from the original file: load-styles.php. If you look fast this file, it’s look normal PHP file, but there is a modification of the begin (comments not finished line 6): It self hidden malware … Read more

Pure-FTPd with ClamAV at Directadmin Custombuild


This tutorial we integrate ClamAV into Pure-FTPd for virus scanning in Directadmin server with Custombuild. Whenever a file gets uploaded through Pure-FTPd, ClamAV will check the file and delete it if it is malware. Installing Pure-FTPd & ClamAV First we need change custom build options.conf setting Check options.conf #ClamAV-related Settings clamav=yes pureftpd_uploadscan=yes Building software Building … Read more