Archive | April, 2017

WordPress backdoor cache.php

Today we found cache.php malware, which uses server old backdoor to get more malware to the server. The server is compromised before and it uses hidden file Silence is golden – Malware to POST Payload more data to the server. POST Payload – cache.php If we look better POST Payload, which trying upload cache.php, execute […]

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filebox.php webshell

The malware is a PHP webshell – a script, which when installed on a compromised system, presents a sophisticated administration platform allowing the attacker to browse the filesystem of the compromised server, upload, create, edit, download or delete files. filebox.php login screen Today we found new PHP webshell, what we have not seen before anywhere. […]

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Whitelist ModSecurity Rule With ClamAV Scans

In this article I’m going to discuss how to find and Whitelist specific ModSecurity rules that might be causing 406 errors on your websites on either your VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated server. The rules that ModSecurity uses can help block potential attack attempts from malicious users upload malware to servers, but sometimes it […]

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