scan malware cpanel server

Learn how to scan and protect your cPanel server for Malware and Viruses. To protect your server from viruses and malware, or if you believe there are scripts on your server already we recommend doing the following. Requirements: – Maldet (Linux Malware Detect) – Clamav (Clam AntiVirus) Install ClamAv How To install Clamav Install Maldet … Read more

Audit Log

When modsecurity detects an event has occurred that it has been instructed to log, it will generate an audit log entry, and if properly configured an audit log event file. The audit log event file is the most useful piece of information the system will collect, so its vital modsecurity be setup correctly to capture … Read more


Introduction A webshell itself cannot attack or exploit a remote vulnerability, so it is always the second step of an attack (this stage is also referred to as post-exploitation). PHP Webshell with many features such as : * File manager (view, edit, rename, delete, upload, download as archive,etc) * Command execution * Script execution (php, … Read more

Remove Website Malware

Shared web hosting companies usually installed server clamav virus scanner. This is very helpful to scan PHP files with malware. Also, you need ssh access to the server and use extra signatures to get better detect ratio php malware. We generated bash script for that, so no need manually download everything. This script working cPanel/DirectAdmin … Read more